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Trampoline Parks Vs Inflataparks

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in the popularity of trampoline parks as more and more pop up across America. On any given weekend you can find your local trampoline park at capacity with kids lined up ready to jump and play. Not only is it popular for kids, but adults also enjoy taking their children to trampoline parks so that they and relax indoors while their kids jump throughout the park. One question you should ask yourself is, are these parks really that safe for kids?
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The number of trampoline parks is not the only thing growing each year, injuries caused at trampoline parks have also steadily risen since inception. This is not something that should be taken lightly. In the wake of many ER visits from children being hurt at trampoline parks, some states have even started to regulate these "Family Fun Centers". You might have already stopped and asked yourself, "What makes these parks so dangerous?". Here is just a small list of reasons that might make you reconsider visiting a trampoline park with your children:

- Lack of supervision
- No size restricted areas for young kids
- Equipment lacking enough padding
- No building regulations

Due to the lack of regulation, trampoline park companies are basically free to build the park however they see fit. This allows the builders to cut corners without having safety in mind. Some safety hazards that can be found at trampoline parks are hard walls with little to no padding, foam pits that are not deep enough, not to mention exposed bars and springs. With all of the possible safety hazards that can be found at trampoline parks, you should be fairly concerned. If you still think visiting one of these parks is a great way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, we recommend that you continue reading.

Below you will see a video from CBS reporting on this matter. You can read the full article here
Of course, there is always the possibility of your child getting hurt or injured while playing almost anywhere. One thing to make note of though is the types of injuries that can occur while playing at one of these parks. Out of the growing number of children that do get hurt at trampoline parks, emergency room nurses and doctors say that the injuries the see are very serious. Most of them being compound fractures, and some even being fatal. In the past few years alone, emergency rooms have seen over 20,000 injuries and 6 deaths. All that could have been avoided by choosing somewhere else to spend your free time.

Trampoline Park Regulation

As mentioned above, states are starting to do what they can to regulate the industry. But because trampoline parks are still somewhat of a new concept, many states still let them operate with little to no oversight. As of 2019, there are only 9 states who have put safety regulations in place to protect park attendants from life-altering injuries. Below we have added an image of all the states now regulating trampoline parks. But many of us wonder, is regulation enough?
trampoline park regulations

Backyard Trampolines & Trampoline Parks

Many of you who are reading this are probably thinking, "Well, I had a trampoline growing up and I never got seriously injured.". If this is you, then consider yourself lucky. Jumping on trampolines has always been a relatively dangerous way to have some extra fun, with some doctors even making the joke that trampolines keep them in business. One thing that has been taken into account though is the types of injuries caused by backyard trampolines compared to trampoline parks. Although your backyard trampoline may be dangerous, health care physicians say that they do cause less injury and the ones they come across tend to be far less serious. With the safety innovations made to backyard trampolines along with close parental supervision, backyard trampolines have become much safer than trampoline parks.

What make Inflata Parks Safer?

Inflata Parks are the new and improved alternative to its dangerous cousin, the trampoline park. There are several key features that help make fully inflatable parks a much safer place for your kids to play at. When your child is at an inflata park, the chances of them landing on a hard piece of equipment are slim to none. This is because everything in an inflata park is aired up, similar to jumping on a giant air mattress. Even if you find yourself landing incorrectly, the inflatable vinyl is much more forgiving than any trampoline you will typically find.

Another dangerous occurrence that you won't see happening at inflata parks is the infamous "Double Bounce". Most of us who have jumped on a backyard trampoline are probably familiar with the double bounce. For those that are unaware of it, this is when someone jumps next to you doubling your bounce and in turn, sends you flying through the air in a dangerous manner. This is what tends to cause many of the injuries that happen at trampoline parks.

Our Inflata Park

Not only do we take pride in being the first and only inflata park in Erie PA, but we also take even more pride in the safety measures that we put in place to keep all of our jumpers safe. When you enter the Flying Monkey Facility, you will notice that we have several park attendants on staff making sure that everyone follows the rules and safety guidelines. We even took safety for smaller children to the next level by implementing a "toddlers only" zone. Having an area that is reserved for small kids prevents them from jumping dangerously close to someone that could be twice their size. Flying Monkey is not only one of the best outlets for fun in Erie, we are also among the safest.
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