Attractions | Flying Monkey Inflata-Park

Our Attractions

Big Baller

This is one of our most popular attractions at the inflatapark. The Big Baller lets you test your ninja skills as you run and jump across the giant inflatable balls!

Obstacle Course

Can you make it through the obstacle course faster than your opponent? Our inflatable obstacle course lets participants run, duck and jump over obstacles as they race to be the first one accross the finish line!

Big Bouncing Area

Our Big Bouncing Area lets you get big air! Like the rest of the park, it is a fully inflatable area that has bounce pads optimized to get you to jump and bounce higher than ever before! Come check it out and see how high you can bounce!

Team Challenge

The Interactive Challege area is where we put two teams head to head to see who can come out victorious! All team challenges are supervised by our highly trained park attendants to ensure safety while playing.

Toddler Zone

Looking for a place to take your toddler? Our inflatapark has a section reserved just for toddlers. If your child is under 42" tall, they can play in the toddler zone with other children their own size. One parent may accompany their child with jump socks, so you can join the fun!


The 8 player Meltdown is a fun interactive that has large swinging arms that aim to knock players off their pedastal. Participants must jump over and duck under the arms for as long as they can, and who ever stays in the game the longest wins!

Wrecking Ball

This is one of our most high energy games at the inflatapark. Four players stand on top of their inflatable pad. Players grab the wrecking ball and swing it at their opponents to try and knock them off their inflatable pad. The last player standing wins the game!

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